Artist’s Statement


Artist sketching on the Copper River

I am primarily a watercolor painter of realist landscapes though I also explore other themes. I am a compulsive field sketcher and strive for accurately drawn images that convey my emotional responses to my subject matter.

I have been field sketching and painting watercolors in the vicinity of Cordova and Prince William Sound for over 30 years. When I am painting landscapes in my studio, I work primarily from my drawings. I also enjoy en plein air painting which I usually finish in the studio.

My goal is to capture the character of the local landscape with an eye to topographic details and the effects of light and weather. I am most satisfied with my paintings when they convey a convincing sense of space. My hope is that the viewer will feel the emotional impact of a scene as I did when I sketched and painted it. In the end, though, despite the formal qualities, the degree of success of a painting depends on my sustained enthusiasm for a subject as I work and stopping before I overwork the image. There will always be much to learn.

To purchase a painting, please contact me by email at I can also be reached at (907) 424-7467.

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